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Home Additions

Do you love your neighborhood and your home’s charm but feel you’re getting limited by space? Moving isn’t the only option, and you  shouldn’t have to if you want to stay in your current home! An addition  could be a smart and economical solution. FSI Renovations home additions  allow you to keep the things you like about your home while changing  the things you don’t. Whether it’s for your growing family or a budding  chef who needs more kitchen space, a thoughtfully designed addition can  enhance the function, aesthetic, and market value of your home. 


Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether it’s for the preparation  of family meals or for parties with friends, your kitchen is one of the  most used rooms and is often the central hub for gathering and  entertaining. It’s no surprise that kitchens are one of the first rooms  homeowners wish to renovate—this project presents the opportunity for  the perfect union of function and design, a trademark of FSI Renovations.  A smart and thoughtful kitchen remodel improves not only the value of  your home but also everyday enjoyment. 



 Bathrooms are one of life’s necessities, but that doesn’t mean your  bathroom can’t also be a place of spa-like relaxation. A well-designed  and well-equipped bathroom can improve your daily routine and add  exceptional value to your home. As a design-build firm FSI Renovations maximizes function with an eye  toward smart and innovative design in every bathroom remodel. Our  award-winning team of architects, interior designers and craftsmen work  together to design and build a bathroom suited just for you and your home.